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The unique feature of our service that we can conduct adjustment of deviation of vessel’s magnetic compass remotely, providing clear instructions and guiding Officers on board via by e-mail. Our remote adjustment will considerably reduce the cost, do not require delay the vessel, expensive boat services for embarking and disembarking Adjustor or restrictions in coastal sailing for Compass swing. It can be done while vessel is underway towards her next port of call. Upon completion of the compass adjustment, you will receive appropriate certificate endorsed by qualified Compass adjustor.
                                                                                               INVENTORY OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS 


SEAHARMONY provide special IHM service team that carry out inspection on-board vessels to comply with both the EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EU SRR) and the IMO MEPC.269(68) requirements. We work closely with the crew and the Classification societies, ensuring that the shipowner not only complies with the regulation but also has an accurate overview of hazardous materials on-board.Ship owners/builders/national authorities/suppliers must ensure a safe,environmentally viable management of hazardous materials and the sustainable recycling of vessels. They must be in possession of an IHM or an International Ready for Recycling Certifcate (IRRC). Vessels can be checked by the Port state control at all European ports.


                                                                                                                 ELECTROSTATIC POWDER COATING PAINT 


 SEAHARMONY  Company represents to your attention a new unique technology. Our Engineers with fifteen year’s experience in this industry have done their best to bring production of new portable system of polymeric covering into masses. The technology with using the portable system withdraws the process of polymeric materials applying beyond industrial areas. It also allows to get away from such processes as dismantling and transportation of coated products. This device has been specifically designed to give more opportunities for applying coatings. It can be used on different types of metal, on plastic, cement, fiberglass , carton(cardboard) and etc. Using of the mobile device – is the perspective alternative to a classical method of coating. Thermoplastic paints and their hybrids are highly used in this technology. 



SEAHARMONY E-Motors monitoring devices function is rather wide. It provides Many monitoring/measurement functions, which are required for process analyzing, adjustment. But, here we shall present the protection function of the monitor, which determine significant economical advantages (expenses saving) and safe condition of ship systems. SEAHARMONY Electrcial Motors protection controller provides permanent monitoring of electro motor – on connected and not connected state!