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Ultramodern underwater drone gives shipowners and shipyard managers a means to “pop open the hood” of their vessels whenever they want. They can inspect the parts that are beyond view (e.g. the propellers,etc ) without having to involve underwater divers. The drone is easy to maneuver and it is small enough to fit into relatively tight spaces. For places it can’t enter, it is fitted with a high-definition camera and powerful LED lights. It is also equipped with powerful thrusters that are designed for long and demanding dives. The craft can dive as deep as 150 m (almost 500 feet), and it can stay underwater for as long as 2 hours.
For easy steering, the drone comes with a full-featured remote controller. While underwater, the operator can pull up a 3D view of the craft to confirm its exact position. The drone is also internet-enabled, so footage from its camera can be shared to multiple viewers. Data recorded during every dive can also be downloaded, collated and shared easily.
Key Features:
Here are some key features of underwater drone:
1. Relatively lightweight (weighs 9kg).
2. Wi-Fi router for easy connection to phones and tablets. Also has a USB port for an ethernet adapter in environments with bad wireless connections. Full integration with Android and iOS.
3. Depth rating of 150m (almost 500 feet). Please note that depth range may vary with the water environment.
4. Equipped with a full HD camera (1080p and 30fps). This allows the drone capture images and record videos in high definition.
5. Powerful LED lights (up to 3300 Lumens) for capturing and recording in dark water environments. Bright enough to illuminate a room of 100 sq. ft.
6. Remotely change camera settings and light exposure settings for better views in dark water environments.
7.Has directional stability and agile movement; stable enough to withstand strong sea currents and rough weather conditions. Auto heading and auto depth. Running speed of ~ 3 knots.
The major benefits of the underwater drone:
1.The device allows ship repairers and maintenance crews conduct inspections of a ship’s hull and ballast tanks remotely.
2.With the underwater drone, you can estimate the damage to a vessel and decide if it’s necessary to hire divers for a more extensive inspection.
3.The drone comes equipped with wireless/wired internet capabilities, and footage from its HD camera can be streamed to multiple people in real-time. Shipowners and stakeholders can watch vessel inspections irrespective of location.
4.Plug and play feature means that the drone is ready for use within minutes. This makes it possible to schedule maintenance checks more frequently, and problems can be identified before they escalate.
5.The device has an internal capacity of 64 GB to store data and video from every dive. These can be downloaded and shared as needed.
The underwater drone makes vessel inspection easier and more effective. It saves shipowners the cost of
hiring divers all the time, and data from every maintenance check can be downloaded and collated for
future reference. To leverage this groundbreaking innovation, contact us at http://seaharmony.uk

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