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We, at SEAHARMONY, would like to use this opportunity to reintroduce our company and inform the general public about the progress we have made so far. Over the past three years, we have amassed several maritime certifications and catered to about 200 clients from all over the world.

SEAHARMONY is certified as a Recognized IHM Specialist by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and as an Approved Service Supplier by Bureau Veritas. We provide the following marine services and seek partnership with companies in the shipping sector:

1. Magnetic Compass Adjustment

One of our avant-garde services: magnetic compass adjustment for all vessels, except UK flagged vessels.

2. IHM Services

SEAHARMONY LP is certified by BV Class, NKK Class, and ABS Class. We provide IHM (Inventory of Hazardous Materials).

This newly released video describes the IHM service, and you can get a general idea of what it entails in just over a minute.

3. Marine Consulting

We have a team of well-trained engineers with years of experience working with electrical, navigational, and mechanical systems. They are available to provide consultancy services at any port globally, and they’ll come with tools and spare parts to oversee any emergency repairs.

Furthermore, SEAHARMONY offers an exclusive and ultramodern provision: ETO’s remote service. This service is highly effective, and since it is provided remotely, it will end up saving you travel and logistics costs.

As mentioned earlier, we have provided the services outlined in this dispatch to 200+ shipping companies from all over the world. In keeping with our credo, “Beyond Expectation,” we assure all clients of top-class service delivery, and every one of them will testify to our skill, capacity, and professionalism.

Going forward, we aim to continue developing and implementing innovative ideas in the global maritime sector. To learn more about SEAHARMONY and the services we offer, please visit the our website.