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SEAWALKER Platform it is Software solution for remote assistance and complex maintenance operations.

It allows a field technician to receive audio/video streeming support from remote experts, via a secure and reliable network or satellite connection.

Allows for remote communication and interaction in the following situations (not limited):

  • Troubleshooting and fault-finding
  • Maintenance
  • Inspecting industrial assets before consignment to clients
  • Training
  • Supervision
  • Production


  • Remote processes 100%
  • KPI increasement 15%
  • Immediate Professional Technical Support 24/7
  • Reducement of travel cost & CO2 Emission 30%
  • New revenues in service with digital bussiness models
  • SEAWALKER is not a mass product is a niche software program for marine industry only,
    combined allow to customize for each Customer separetely, depends of needs & demands
  • Any other option could be created upon demand
  • SEAWALKER Marine Version, SEAWALKER Industrial, SEAWALEKR Enterprise
  • Artificial Intelligence using to optimize video streaming
  • Our Software have noise suppression

SEAWALKER solutions are beneficial for the Ship Owners / Ship Managers:

-provide professional technical remote assistance from ashore for crew members onboard ships.

-perform ad-hoc remote surveys with other involved Parties (i.e. Manufacturer, Service Dealer, Etc.).

-one single point of collection for photos, videos and documents.

-fewer miscommunications.

-possibility to involve the right capability also remotely.

-reduce travel time and related travel costs.

-be always connected via mobile device with optimized bandwidth required.

-interact with SEAWALKER digital platform.


SW platform enables both-way information exchange. This includes collecting, saving, analyzing and computing of data. Both-way communication improves knowledges, increases information asymmetric and develops brand value.

SW offers great opportunity to get a customer committed service programs with the verification features and better service. With SW, connected to an original product, it’s easier to manage warranty claims and operations. A customer also gets benefits from faster and accurate trouble shooting and problem solving as it reduces downtime and leads to better utilization.

Thus, benefits of SW in the field service should enforce the effects of this configuration model. In the value shop configuration, resource management is an essential task. Without proper resources, a service business is impossible to run. As complex systems and training of workers take a long time, the willingness of companies to reduce this time and expenses for training is essential. The information that supports employees on decision making and problem solving, increases a service value to the customer.

For further information /cooperation please contact us: sales@seaharmony.co.uk