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SEAHARMONY LP is a global maritime services company specializing in the provision of general ship supplies, spare parts of the leading technical maritime brands. We supply our customers with: Compressors, Pumps, Marine Boilers, Radio and Communications, Air Coolers & Heat Exchangers, Pressure Switches, Sensors & Thermostats, Winches & Hoists, Air Starters, Tools, Filters and much more. We provide repair and troubleshooting inspections of marine equipments and machinery in any port of the world.
SEAHARMONY LP is a leading supplier of marine equipment. Our front office is located in UK, with the back offices: Zhoushan, China; Limassol, Cyprus; Odessa, Ukraine. We supply marine spare parts, repair and troubleshooting to the shipping companies, management companies & traders worldwide. Our customers are the ship owners, shipyards, repair companies, traders etc.
Our team consists only of professionals with over 20 years of experience in the marine industry, in the field of services and delivery of spare parts for all types of vessels. The company's management consists of the specialists in marine engineering mechanics. Our leadership is a member of the MarEST which stands for Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology and presents the international professional body the graduates of which are the best professionals in the marine sphere.
Our mission: to be a trusted partner to our customers.
Our target: to become known worldwide as the leading supplier of spare parts and repair for all types of vessels.
Our credo is: always to exceed all our Client's expectations.

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