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No doubt, that despite of the modern technologies, Vessel Owners, Vessel Operators, Masters, Officers, Coastal Pilots and Industry Organizations are recognizing the importance of non-digital Conventional equipment like magnetic compasses and the need to maintain deviation within acceptable limits in accordance with SOLAS V/19.2.1 and IMO Res. A.382(X) requirements


Adjustment of deviation of magnetic compass is requiring assistance of qualified professionals most of the times

SEAHARMONY are offering the service of such professionals. Our team in the Ukrainian office consist of exsea going captain who were additionally trained and are qualified Compass Adjuster.


The unique feature of our service that we can conduct adjustment of deviation of vessel’s magnetic compass, providing clear instructions and guiding Officers on board via by e-mail.

Our adjustment will considerably reduce the cost, do not require delay the vessel, expensive boat services for embarking and disembarking Adjuster or restrictions in coastal sailing for Compass swing. It can be done while vessel is underway towards her next port of call.

It is not necessary to make full turn 360 degrees for verifying deviation. We carry out compass adjustment based on one quadrant of deviation data.

All required is Officers cooperation and following the instructions in the process of magnetic compass adjustment.


Initial preparation.
It will require the following basic data:

  • AA) Copy of ship particulars
  • BB) Copy of the last certificate with residual deviation table
  • CC) Magnetic compass maker and type
  • DD) Magnetic compass bowl condition: Is any bubble in the compass bowl? Is the compass card moving smoothly? Any deterioration of compass card?
  • EE) Current ship position and next port of call with ETA.

Further preparation and check up
Next, we would require ship’s Navigating Officer to advice what is magnetic compass correcting tools condition and obtain deviation data after receiving of first information.

  • AA) Correcting tools condition
  • BB) Deviation data. Reporting sample is following: Magnetic compass heading dial/Gyro compass heading dial/Ship position.


  • 090/083/35.0 N, 140.3 E
  • 135/128/same as above
  • 180/173/same as above


After receiving of deviation data, we will analyze each coefficient based on those figures, and recommend setting correcting tools accordingly. We request to take again deviation data after adjustments to verify results and produce a certificate.

We repeatedly do the same until all adjustments have been done properly (in accordance with SOLAS requirements).


Upon completion of the compass adjustment, you will receive appropriate deviation card endorsed by qualified Compass adjuster